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First appearance in Daylight City by BlueBirdSuperheroine
First appearance in Daylight City

Daylight University. Baseball training on the school field. Tina and I watch the game.

Tina always watch baseball games, because her boyfriend playing there. She supported him.

- Come on, Tim, you can do it! She screamed.

Submission and point again. People applauded. But in this baseball team was a real leader. Real captain. His name is Steve Bulgart. He was cute and smart. Many girls want to be with him. His girlfriend is Tory. She is captain cheerleader. But I dont like this guy. He have a bad nature. He always humiliated weak guys, made fun of them surrounded by all.

Game over. Cheerleaders congratulate the winners. Another group of cheerleaders waiting autograph. Tina and I went down to the boys. Tim hugged and kissed my girlfriend and welcomed me. People leaving the stadium. Steve holding a bottle of water and looked on the bleacher.

- Freaking idiots, they are want look at us, - said Steve.

Olle Karlsson came from Sweden. He study here. He live in student Campus. He was hesitate. He speaks English words with an accent. Steve fun above him.

- Olle when you begin set about a male sport? Steve laughed, - show me your best shot.

- Really? asked Olle.

- Of course - confidently said Steve.

Olle took the ball and past by Steve. Sportsman laughed.

- It was a shot? You're a complete loser. Begin exercise and take off your glasses, - Steve laughed.

Nine guys are laughing at him. Bruno throw the bottle into his track.

- Now better to run away Olle, because if I'll catch you I kick your little ass.

The Swedish guy is running and the guys loudly laughed. Together with them laughing cheerleaders girls. Boys hit on the arm his captain.

- Why do you laugh, it is humiliating - I said.

- He needs to work, or this is his end ... Trevor laughed (friend Steve)

- Hey, what if many guys laugh at you? I said.

- I would not let it - Trevor said - and you too better remove glasses father's daughter, or you always be like a little gray mouse. You haven’t boyfriend, because you're such a bore, Brenda! Go home and teach lessons.

I took the book and quickly walked away. Company laughing in my track too.

I was at home. It's humiliating! Who lets them do this? They need a lesson, and I knew how to do it.

The next day.

I came out of the school bus. Steve and four guys been around university. Olle walking down the street. Guys stopped him. He holding bottle orange juice in a hand. They break bottle. They humiliated him, after caught him and put in the trash. All around are laughing. I ran around the corner and wear a suit superheroine.

- On your place, I'd better start running, Steve! - I screamed.

Group of boys turned around.

- Who is it Mark? Steve asked.

- Maybe a new girl cheerleader ...

- Really? I've never seen her before, and Steve walked to me.

- Welcome to Daylight City, baby - he walked around me

- Cool suit ... but very interesting who hides behind a mask ... - Steve put his hand to my face. He touched the mask and widely smile.

- Steve Bulgart - he said - but you call me “Sugar”.

I hit him and Steve flew a few meters. Girls and boys curiously watched the scene. People took the phone and began to record video.

- You're just a piece of shit for me - I said to Steve.

Steve lay on the ground and deep breathing. I took his leg, but ripped jeans on one leg. He wear red shorts? People began to laugh. I took his for foot and carry out him to the garbage bin.

- Now you're not so cool? Yes, Steve?

Olle seat near the garbage bin. He watched in surprise as I took Steve's legs and lowered his head into garbage bin. People laughed and applauded.

- How she did it? She give one kick and Steve have been KO! Trevor asked friends. The guys could not find words.

Many boys and girls s come to me. People ask me the questions:

- Can I photo you? Are you learn here or work? Where are you from? What's your name? Give me your phone number.

I photographed and posed but I don’t say words. After two minutes I went to Olle and helped him get up on the feets.

- Dont let say bad words on your adress, Olle, - I said.

- Do you know my name?

I smiled and fly in sky.

Steve get out of the garbage bin.

- Why you not fight against her? She just a girl, - said Trevor

- Her punch like a train punch, I cant breathe, she is not human… I think…- said Steve.

Today evening internet will see a video called “humiliation of Steve Bulgart” or “girl teach great lesson for Steve Bulgart” and thousands pictures of me ... new superheroine…

Who is BlueBird superheroine? (story beginning) by BlueBirdSuperheroine
Who is BlueBird superheroine? (story beginning)

About me.

Hi everybody. My name is Brenda. I'm 22. I live in Daylight City. How did I get here? My parents sent me here to study at university. My dad have a great job, and he can pay my house. I live in house, not a student Campus. I love him. Every week he send me money on food. I live with a cat. Her name is Squirrel. I don’t have a boyfriend. Many guys in University dont looking at me. Why? Answer - I wear glasses! But my eyesight is excellent. Their looking on the cheerleaders Daylight Lantern baseball team. This is I am...

And now we back how this is began...

It was ordinary day, morning which was no different all others days. I sleep a long time. My alarm clock did not wake me. I missed the school bus and late for class lesson. After university, we go with Tina in a cafe and drinking coffee. Tina often can support me and say me beautiful words. Late evening. It is dark outside. I am going back home. In my house was switched the light.

"Perhaps my father decided visited me," I thought.

I went into the house, but did not see his shoes. I heard the sound of music in my room. I go in room and will see a girl who sitting at a table and enjoy my computer. She watched my photos.

- Excuse me, please!!! - I shouted.

She turned to me. It was my twin! I opened my mouth in surprise. I dont not know what to say. Apartment keys fell on the floor with my hands. She smiled, then picked up the keys and handed them to me.

- You're so predictable, Brenda! She said.

- Who are you? Do you know my name? How did you get here? What do you need? I continued.

- My name is Brenda and I am it is you. You, but only from a parallel world ...

I laughed ...

- Stop, stop, stop. If you do not tell the truth, I'll call the police. You will be responsible for the illegal entry into my apartment.

She give blue key in her bag and press the button. It was a spot the size of a sofa, goes to infinity. It was transparently. It was a portal. Earlier I can often see it on television.

- Now you believe me? she continued.

I went closer and looked on this.

- Unbelievable - I try touch the portal.

- Dont touch this- she said - this portal go to hundreds of parallel measurements, it is practically impossible to go back in your real world. Your city is called Daylight? In my reality this city looks like, and its called the New Charlie, in another reality people called him Foffomm, and another dimension they called him New York.

- Well, how can I help you?

- In my world every day I see the war and in many parallel worlds too. Many villains can use this portal too. They come here and occupy the planet. They have a superpower, and people cant stop them. Your world needs a defender!

- You came to save the world? - I asked.

- No, I have a lot of work. I continue slide in another wolrd after five minutes. I'm using the portal. I think we never see again. The role of Daylight City defender is you!

I laughed ...

- I'm just a student, I cant stop even a street hooligan, - I continued.

- Give me your hand…

  I give my hand. She took the syringe with blue water and pricked me.

- Ouch !!! - I screamed, - what are you doing?

- This is the formula Fj589dsmRR12. Now your body is able to recover quickly after street fights, now check it!

She use a knife on my finger. To my surprise, I watched how blood stopped my wound starting to recover.

- I am immortal? How many times effect this formula?

- No, you're not immortal, this formula is always valid in your blood.

After she take the bracelet on neck with picture blue bird, belt with a picture of a blue bird, black mask  and give it to me.

- Bracelet on the neck keeps the magnetic field of your body. The main field near your face, because the bracelet is closest. In bracelet contains 25% of your power and damage. You must wear a mask. Nobody cant remove mask on your  face before you dont remove the bracelet. Other things on your body easy remove. People dont must know your secret identity.

I use the bracelet on my neck and wear black mask on my face. I tried to remove mask, but she pulled back on my face like a magnet.

- Cool! - I screamed.

- If you wear the belt: you can fly, and you have ability to read information from the object at the touch to it, where its come front, the information about subject who made it, who touch this. Belt contains 75% of your power. These two things enlarge your basic ability on 100%.

Now I wear a belt and I fly up to the soffit of the room. I touched mobile phone and I saw picture in my mind how this phone collected at the factory, how he been delivery in supermarket and how dad bought it like a gift for my birthday.

- Super! Super! Super! - I screamed, - what will happen if someone else uses my belt and bracelet?

- Nothing happens, they dont have formula Fj589dsmRR12 in the blood. In this world this is impossible. I give you superpower Brenda. Use power in good things. Make your superheroine Daylight City.

- What does the Blue Bird symbol on the belt and on the bracelet? - I asked.

- Someday you will know - she said

- Thank you, - I hugged my twin.

- I have to go, Brenda, be careful!

She touched the portal and disappeared into infinity.

- Wait! I screamed, - how I can contact with you?

After ten seconds portal is closed. I seat to my computer and opened the Internet. In search line I ask the question: superheroine appearance . The Internet has given me a lot of answers. After a lot of views, I choose the best option for yourself ...


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